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Maintain the flow without the flight
Learning does not stop outside the boundaries of a classroom. Take your educational materials online and help technology help you keep better track of assignments, examinations, and your students.
Our advantages
Low Infrastructure Requirements
Examus can function over a low bandwidth and provides a reliable approach for students and educators anywhere.
Data for Analysis

Our convenient reporting system provides educators with data on webinar and online examination results as well as student engagement to help keep track of who is paying attention.
Competitive Price

We are able to provide our services at a low-cost without compromising any functionalities for the user.

Our technology
You can easily view the students who are participating in a session as well as those who have disconnected, with the different colors indicating the individual's level of engagement.

This can be useful for tracking online assignment completion, cheating in online examinations, as well as in narrowing the educator's focus to students who seem less engaged.
You can track the average level of engagement across all active individuals during and after the session.

This allows you to be flexible and react appropriately to increase or maintain the level of attentiveness of the students n the session as well as in the future.

This creates the potential to make more interesting and immersive educational material to help students maximize their learning and see better results.

You can track the history of change in attentiveness and engagement during the current session, as well as keep an eye on the number of students in the session.

This allows you to pinpoint whether certain individuals disconnect and as well as the exact point in time in which student engagement levels peaked or dropped.
TYou can view the breakdown of levels of engagement in web sessions.

This can help separate students by level of focus and create better techniques to maintain student engagement, maximizing the effectiveness of the online educational material.
You also have the option to view individual users' levels of engagement.

This can give you a better idea of who you may need to reach out to more specifically.
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